If you GM or play tabeletop RPGs, you might be interested in this from Skirmisher Publishing. You get all five Oddities titles for half price on the great bargain they normally sell for:

Oddities Bundle of Five!

Graveyard cover

The Oddities line of products are designed to give GMs great extras, set dressing, and weirdness for various locales – essentially all the things that take a lot of time to come up with, but can elevate a game beyond the bare bones descriptions. We have done five different ones so far:
– Oddities for a Creepy Old House
– Oddities for a Graveyard
– Oddities for a Thieves’ Guild
– Oddities for a Wizard’s Tower
– Oddities for a Wizard’s Library

The link above is for the bundle of five. You can also check them out individually by looking below the Bundle, and read the great reviews we have gotten.