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Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi Figures and Historical FiguresClint on 10 Dec 2012 04:38 pm

here are a couple of pics of a Vendel era warrior that I sculpted recently. I posted it on facebook but apparently forgot to post it here.

Actually he is a fantasy figure based on the Vendel Culture of pre-Viking Scandinavia. The world of Beowulf, Starkad, Hrolf Kraki and Sigurd the Volsung. He has a decorated helm [Vendel 1 Grave], a sheild in the Vendel style, and a ring-hilted sword. He is weilding an anachronism – as two-handed axes have not been found in graves of this date, but it is a fantasy figure, after all. His coat is of the style found on much of the art from the period and is a fold-over style. It probably would have been of leather, possibly several layers if worn for battle, and the ones shown in period art all show wide decorative trim. He also has arm and leg armor made of iron splints riveted together to form strong, close-fitting armor. He is about 33 mm tall.The shield, sword, head and one arm with axe are all separate pieces. I am thinking about creating several of these guys, pssibly even converting this guy with extra helmets, a bare head and different armament. We will see. He will be for sale in my store on the Armorcast site.

Historical FiguresClint on 05 Nov 2010 11:09 am

Pics of some older historicals that I did for Lance and Laser. I think they might be available from Armorcast soon. They were originally sold as Saxons, but they are more accurately representative of the Vendel and early Saxon cultures [Dude, look it up!]

The top pic is a King, attended by his thyle [Saxon for advisor], and a woman of the court invoking the gods to bless the mead for the feast. Below is a scop [Saxon for bard] singing and strumming a harp like the one from the Sutton Hoo burial. I have an enthroned Queen around too, but I can’t find her, or any decent pictures of her.

After the scop, we get into the battlefield stuff. First is a pagan Germanic priest casting a spell using a rune-carved horse skull [yep, they probably did that]. Below the priest is a standard bearer, holding the boar-standard of the king on high. Next, a pic of the King in his war gear – wearing the helmet from the Vendel 14 grave, a mailcoat, splint arm and leg harness, and an ornate shield. Below the war-king is the horn-bearer. After him are a couple of gesith – career warriors, devoted to, and equipped by the king.

The design and details of all the helmets are supported by either actual helmets or period plaques that were used to decorated them. The first of the gesith has a helm with a crest shown only on helmet plaques, but it is shown on multiple plaques from more than one find, so it is very possible that helmets of this sort were worn, even if none have survived or been found.

Historical FiguresClint on 17 Aug 2005 01:52 pm

Rus Warrior - Lance and Laser

Historical FiguresClint on 14 Aug 2005 02:33 pm

For Lance and Laser
Saxon King - 30 mm