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Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 04 Jan 2013 10:32 pm

here is a pic that Armorcast sent me of the Komodon Armoured shark that I sculpted for them a few months ago. he is now available in their store. He is about 90-100 mm long [I think].

Armoured shark

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi Figures and Historical FiguresClint on 10 Dec 2012 04:38 pm

here are a couple of pics of a Vendel era warrior that I sculpted recently. I posted it on facebook but apparently forgot to post it here.

Actually he is a fantasy figure based on the Vendel Culture of pre-Viking Scandinavia. The world of Beowulf, Starkad, Hrolf Kraki and Sigurd the Volsung. He has a decorated helm [Vendel 1 Grave], a sheild in the Vendel style, and a ring-hilted sword. He is weilding an anachronism – as two-handed axes have not been found in graves of this date, but it is a fantasy figure, after all. His coat is of the style found on much of the art from the period and is a fold-over style. It probably would have been of leather, possibly several layers if worn for battle, and the ones shown in period art all show wide decorative trim. He also has arm and leg armor made of iron splints riveted together to form strong, close-fitting armor. He is about 33 mm tall.The shield, sword, head and one arm with axe are all separate pieces. I am thinking about creating several of these guys, pssibly even converting this guy with extra helmets, a bare head and different armament. We will see. He will be for sale in my store on the Armorcast site.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 19 Nov 2012 04:25 pm

Sculpted this guy a couple of years ago. Then I finally got the ‘smart’ idea of getting it painted up by Samson [go see the fantastic stuff he does to dull monochrome pewter sculptures – his site is in my ‘Cool People I know’ section]. As usual he dd an amazing job, making me look gooder and all that.The figure is currently for sale in my Baelor Store at Armorcast. This paint job will be up there soon too. He is about 45 m tall and about 60 mm long. It has been awhile since I sculpted him so I could be off with those number. A 30 mm figure could easily be put on his back for death-chicken cavalry.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 25 Sep 2012 08:54 am

Here is the first of three Raider poses planned for Robot Wasteland. These guys are smaller than the Ravager [Used to be the Reaver, but Armorcast Matt talked me into going with the original name – ‘Ravager’]. Raiders also have much small processors, so they are not as cunning, preferring to swarm any organic smaller than an elephant, hoping to saw off a big enough piece to make the effort worthwhile. They are almost never found solo, running in packs of 3 to 20 or more depending on the abundance of prey. When controlled by an Overseer, they can be truly devastating, especially if the Overseer also commands Ravagers or other Devourers as well.

The Raider will be available from the Baelor Store soon. Overseer, and other Devourers – coming soonish.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 11 Sep 2012 11:49 am

This is an armoured shark that I sculpted because I thought it was cool. Armorcast thought so too and bought it for their range of Komodon fantasy fishfolk. Expect to see it soon as a monster and possibly a mount for the the evil Komodon horde.

Note: unlike some of my other aquatic figures, this guy is not based on any paleontological evidence. It is pure fantasy. I took inspiration from the Great white shark, megalodon, dunkleosteus and the indian rhino.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 12 Jul 2012 10:05 am

I put together a rider for Sturmwolf #1 from the armoured legs you get in the kit and some Spacewolf parts from GW. Then I was smart enough to send it to Samson, who painted it up with his standard amazing talent and speed. He even takes great pics:

You can get the Sturmwolf and the space soldier legs here, along with 2 other poses of the sturmwolf itself. Pose #2 is up now and another will be in the next week or so. They also offer a handy unit pack if you want 5 of the critters.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 20 Jun 2012 12:20 pm

Just finished this little guy up for Armorcast. He is going in to the Apocalyptic figure line, meant to allow you to game zombie apocalypses, or Fallout 3, or what-have-you. This guy should be known and dreaded if you like the video game side of the above statement. I want Armorcast to send me back the original so I can do another pose, because what more fun than one mutant zombie bear? TWO! And it will fit right in with the giant irraditated scorpions, the bloated plague fly, the mootant two-headed cow, and the mutant centaur that they have either available or soon to be.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 22 May 2012 09:02 am

Sounds like a new toy line for toddlers right? Maybe even with a TV show. Well this little guy is about 25 feet long in 30 mm scale [Don’t remember exactly, but it was coming up on 5 inches long]. For those of you who haven’t exercised your natural history museum privileges lately, the dunkleosteus was a giant marine predator from about 430 million years ago, long before the age of the dinosaurs. Museum fossils that remain are only of the heavy bony plates that make up the head and front quarter of the fish, so the rest of the fish is open to interpretation, as nothing is known about what it might look like beyond ‘something fish-like’. Several illustrations show him looking like this with a primitive, single-lobed tail. I thought that looked cool so that is what I sculpted. Apparently the good folks at Armorcast thought it looked good too, so they bought it and are going to be selling it very soon now. The pics presented here are theirs, and show a resin cast of the original. The fins are still the dark grey of the modeling clay that I use, so I suppose that they did not have casts of the little bits [which will probably be cast in lead] in time for the photographer.

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 22 Mar 2012 01:38 pm

Here are some pics of the the third Sturmwulf pose. Here we can see him howling or biting hugely with his cybernetic lower jaw, and loping forward, so as to fit with his mates in the pack. It should perhaps be pointed out, that you can fit a Chaos Marine torso in his jaws with room for chips and a shake.

The figs look a little jumbly with the white resin of the original and the grey putty of the conversion work. Not much to be done about that I’m afraid. Gotta get this guy off to Armorcast and get some casts in production. In addition to the cyberjaw, I sculpted a normal lower jaw for this guy. I think most folks will prefer the cyberjaw, but I will likely get the standard one cast and put out eventually. I need one of the casts of this pose to fit the normal lower jaw before the whole thing can be cast.

The figure is cut into several pieces for casting purposes. In some places, you can see little bits of putty that appear out of place, or there is a gap [base of the tail, right front shoulder]. this is because the putty that I used to hold the pieces together for the photos was stretching or squeezed out of the joint. Obviously neither of this issues would be a problem for a cast that you might buy. Just sayin’. So go tell Ginfritter at Armorcast that you want some, Stat!

Baelor Blog and Fantasy & SciFi FiguresClint on 20 Mar 2012 09:17 am

Found these on the Armorcast facebook page. Someone did a very fine job of these, using my sturmwulves, my powered armour legs, and Games Workshop marine parts. Excellent work! Ginfritter at Armorcast has these credited to Gamer’s Haven, a game store in Parma Heights, Ohio. Hope you don’t mind me reposting these.

Of course, to purchase these bad boys [unpainted of course,and without the GW bits], you can head on over to My Store at Armorcast.

Coming soon, another pose for the Sturmwulf. Howling, mouth wide, With some new cybernetics.Good mount for a leader!

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