Here are some pics of the the third Sturmwulf pose. Here we can see him howling or biting hugely with his cybernetic lower jaw, and loping forward, so as to fit with his mates in the pack. It should perhaps be pointed out, that you can fit a Chaos Marine torso in his jaws with room for chips and a shake.

The figs look a little jumbly with the white resin of the original and the grey putty of the conversion work. Not much to be done about that I’m afraid. Gotta get this guy off to Armorcast and get some casts in production. In addition to the cyberjaw, I sculpted a normal lower jaw for this guy. I think most folks will prefer the cyberjaw, but I will likely get the standard one cast and put out eventually. I need one of the casts of this pose to fit the normal lower jaw before the whole thing can be cast.

The figure is cut into several pieces for casting purposes. In some places, you can see little bits of putty that appear out of place, or there is a gap [base of the tail, right front shoulder]. this is because the putty that I used to hold the pieces together for the photos was stretching or squeezed out of the joint. Obviously neither of this issues would be a problem for a cast that you might buy. Just sayin’. So go tell Ginfritter at Armorcast that you want some, Stat!