Sounds like a new toy line for toddlers right? Maybe even with a TV show. Well this little guy is about 25 feet long in 30 mm scale [Don’t remember exactly, but it was coming up on 5 inches long]. For those of you who haven’t exercised your natural history museum privileges lately, the dunkleosteus was a giant marine predator from about 430 million years ago, long before the age of the dinosaurs. Museum fossils that remain are only of the heavy bony plates that make up the head and front quarter of the fish, so the rest of the fish is open to interpretation, as nothing is known about what it might look like beyond ‘something fish-like’. Several illustrations show him looking like this with a primitive, single-lobed tail. I thought that looked cool so that is what I sculpted. Apparently the good folks at Armorcast thought it looked good too, so they bought it and are going to be selling it very soon now. The pics presented here are theirs, and show a resin cast of the original. The fins are still the dark grey of the modeling clay that I use, so I suppose that they did not have casts of the little bits [which will probably be cast in lead] in time for the photographer.