Here are some pics of the the third Sturmwulf pose. Here we can see him howling or biting hugely with his cybernetic lower jaw, and loping forward, so as to fit with his mates in the pack. It should perhaps be pointed out, that you can fit a Chaos Marine torso in his jaws with room for chips and a shake.

The figs look a little jumbly with the white resin of the original and the grey putty of the conversion work. Not much to be done about that I’m afraid. Gotta get this guy off to Armorcast and get some casts in production. In addition to the cyberjaw, I sculpted a normal lower jaw for this guy. I think most folks will prefer the cyberjaw, but I will likely get the standard one cast and put out eventually. I need one of the casts of this pose to fit the normal lower jaw before the whole thing can be cast.

The figure is cut into several pieces for casting purposes. In some places, you can see little bits of putty that appear out of place, or there is a gap [base of the tail, right front shoulder]. this is because the putty that I used to hold the pieces together for the photos was stretching or squeezed out of the joint. Obviously neither of this issues would be a problem for a cast that you might buy. Just sayin’. So go tell Ginfritter at Armorcast that you want some, Stat!

Found these on the Armorcast facebook page. Someone did a very fine job of these, using my sturmwulves, my powered armour legs, and Games Workshop marine parts. Excellent work! Ginfritter at Armorcast has these credited to Gamer’s Haven, a game store in Parma Heights, Ohio. Hope you don’t mind me reposting these.

Of course, to purchase these bad boys [unpainted of course,and without the GW bits], you can head on over to My Store at Armorcast.

Coming soon, another pose for the Sturmwulf. Howling, mouth wide, With some new cybernetics.Good mount for a leader!

These are pics of a figure that I sculpted for my son Tom’s Dungeons and Dragons character, Bromstone Scorchwing. I later sculpted up a couple of extra heads and sold the original to Armorcast as a Knight of the Cleansing Flame. So here he is, with two of the three alternate heads. I have some repairs to make to one of the heads, as it it did not cast out well. I will post a pic with that head in due time.

If you want to purchase one or more of these fellows for you very own, head on over to Armorcast and they can set you up.

Here is a set of pics [again, paints by Samson] of another figure that will be up in the store in the near future. He is a Vulkin, a silicate humanoid composed of volcanic rock and magma. He also has armour and a two-handed maul made of brass. Another great paint job! Thanks Samson. The Vulkin will be available through the Baelor store soon!

Here is what Samson did with the Reaver when I sent him one. WOW, did he do a great job! You can take a look at other things Samson has done at his blog:

Here is a shot of the Voidstalker that I did a while ago for Micropanzer Studios. At the time, I sculpted him with an alternate leg style that gave him more of a spider-y look. Here is what that looks like. I like it better than the original legs.

He is pictured with the normal infantry of the game clustered around him, which are roughly 15mm. As you can see the Voidstalker is immense by comparison.

Armorcast just put up a painted figure for a fig I did for them a few years back. I sculpted this guy for the Battledragons line of figures, and that is where he is currrently for sale with Armorcast. He is based on a blue dragon from D&D 3.5 [my favourite as far as the looks of D&D dragons go] so he has the horn on his snout and all. Painted by Samson, who really caught the blues of the body. I think the paint job rocks, so I wanted to show it to you. If I had Samson’s site info, i would post that too, but I don’t. The dragon is 36mm to the eye, but he is crouched, so he would be about 45-50 mm to the eye if he was standing straight. To the top of the wing tips he is about 65mm.

Ginfritter [otherwise known as Steve, over at Armorcast] gave a set of my Powered Armor legs a quick paint job [Thanks Steve!] to help show the detail a little better. Here is the photo.

And here is a pic of the unpainted legs. Sorry no back shot.

You can get these as a pack of 5, separate from the Sturmwulf. Or you get one set of legs as part of every order of the new Sturmwulf, so you can easily manage your thunderwolf rider conversions.

A couple of months ago I posted that the Reaver would be available soon, then it did not happen for very understandable and unavoidable reasons – like the Armorcast production facility being under water!

After several weeks of backbreaking labour and much treading of water, Armorcast is more or less dry and casting again. So the Reaver is now available and up in the store. Go on over and buy a bunch! They are happiest when a pack of them are pulling down one or more PCs.

After a fair lead time for a number of unavoidable reasons, the Sci Fi Sturmwulf is up for sale at Armorcast! Along with the gothtech armored rider legs. Here is the pic from my store at Armorcast:

Thanks to Steve at Armorcast for getting this little guy in production.

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